Ken Nowell, B.S., M.A.

“On July 18, 2012, I experienced a terrible accident for which I sought Dr. L. Richard Wong’s opinion of my condition. Dr. Wong’s assessment was superior to other physicians I consulted. Dr. Wong explained my injuries and x-rays to me in terms I could understand. I am happy to report that Dr. Wong’s diagnosis and treatment of my injuries have restored my health. I am able to walk and stand for long periods of time without pain in my neck, lower back, hips and knees. I have been in long-term care with Dr. Wong and he has healed my body. The Acupuncture and Chiropractic care from Dr. Wong has given me a new lease on life. When Dr. Wong began his treatment I was not able to walk without the assistance of a cane as a result of my injuries. Now I am able to participate again in strenuous physical activities and sports. My name is Ken Nowell and I will be 60 years old this year (2014). I am an athlete and world class martial arts champion (retired). I am pleased to announce that Dr. Wong has improved my personal and physical life with his expert insight and healing techniques. I highly recommend Dr. Wong to all who suffer from physical pain, disabilities, and muscular/skeletal injuries.  I now experience feeling good again, I had forgotten how to feel good. I continue to improve overall from continued supportive care with Dr. Wong. I experience increased levels of physical vitality every day because of my healing journey with Dr. L. Richard Wong.”