Smarty Carbon Far Infrared Treatment System

NASA has discovered that electromagnetic rays are absolutely necessary for the metabolism and growth of human beings. Among these infrared rays, rays with a wavelength between 3-1000 microns are called “far infrared rays”. Human beings have been using such rays, without knowing of their existence, since time began. These invisible rays are a blessing from the sun. They penetrate deeply into our body and create heat. These effective electromagnetic rays are indispensable for our growth. It has been proven that far infrared rays with a wavelength between 8-14 microns are mildly absorbed into our body and have a positive influence on our body too. These waves are called “growing light rays.”


Smarty’s patented black carbon heaters

The Smarty uses patented black carbon heater to radiate far infrared rays mildly and effectively onto the body. Carbon black is made from charcoal. Most far infrared heaters use inorganic materials such as ceramic. However, our body is made up of organic substances and a heater made of organic material is much more suitable for the human body.

The secret of far infrared rays
When electromagnetic rays meet the waves emitted from our cells, they resonate with each other and as a result, warm our body from the depth. Therefore, a heater should radiate waves whose length is nearer to that of waves we emit.

The effects of far infrared rays weaken with distance. So the closer to the source of the rays your body is, the more impact far infrared rays will have. The dome design of the Smarty puts your body as close as possible to the source of the rays. In addition the Smarty includes a safety system, which prevents low temperature scalding from the rays. The Smarty emits far infrared rays with a wavelength between 5-20 microns that meet the wavelength radiated from our body. These essential rays work mildly but effectively on our body and charge positive energy without causing any strain.

Measuring far infrared rays so they match the rays your body emits
A wavelength of infrared can be calculated by Wien’s radiation-law after the measurement of absolute surface temperature of the heating materials.
Wien’s radiation-law states that:
Wavelength    =            2897 (Wien’s constant)
(micron)                   Temperature of surface (degree C) + 273

So if we look at the rays emitted by the human body…
1) of human body         2897     = about 9,4 micron    Temp. of a human body
36,5+273  36,5 degrees C. in average
And we compare them to the rays emitted by the Smarty…
2) of Fujika Smarty    2897   = 8,7 micron     Temp. on the surface of a heater
60+273   about 60 degrees C

We note that the Smarty closely matches the infrared emissions from the human body. Plus it is noted that the temperature on the surface of the Smarty remains at 60 degrees C.

This is different from other types of far infrared treatment systems, which emits rays which do not match the body’s emissions, and create intense heat on the surface of the heating unit.

3) of a bar shape heater  2897  = 4,3 micron  Temp. on the surface of a heater
400+273              about 400 degrees C

Focused radiation in shell-shaped domes
Furthermore, Smarty’s unique domes are designed to cover the whole body and to heighten the effect of the shell-shaped heaters by focusing them toward the body. This design increases the density of radiation and makes it possible to radiate far infrared rays toward the center of our body. The reflection mat also improves the efficiency of the radiation.


1. We are fortunate to enjoy a life that has become increasingly convenient and comfortable. However, that comfort comes with a price, as we are exposed to toxic materials accumulated through food, water, air, etc. These materials are damaging our health. These obstacles to a healthy lifestyle have been called the “syndrome of chemical substances” and there is no complete solution to this problem. But fortunately, our body’s cleansing system is able to expel these wastes from our body, and with Smarty we can greatly enhance the effectiveness of this process.
2. The sweat your body expels during a Smarty treatment is very different than the sweat you might expel doing other activities. For example, taking a normal bath, bathing in a sauna or doing exercise typically causes sweat to be released from the sweat glands. This can help stimulate your body’s metabolism and relieve stress. However, the Smarty goes far beyond those benefits. The Smarty helps expel the stickier, dirtier sweat from sebaceous glands, which is excreted during a marathon, for example. Of course not everybody can run a marathon. But with Smarty’s far infrared radiation, everybody can achieve the same results, easily and comfortably, by lying in this sweating and energizing equipment for just 30 minutes a day.
3. The Smarty is a piece of health-care equipment, but requires neither strenuous exercise nor tiring activity. You just lie inside and can feel the comforting warmth that soothes your body. Sticky sweat is gradually oozed from your whole body and really pours out towards the end of the treatment. Your body is purified and your mind and body are fresh.


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